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. The lithosphere is made up of the crust and the upper mantle.
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    Earth’s outer shell is broken into tectonic plates that move relative to one another.

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    South America Africa Africa and South America fit together.

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    Students have the opportunity to draw conclusions about plate tectonics and Earth history by examining diagrams in this engaging science worksheet! Geared toward middle school learners, this two-page worksheet begins with an introduction to plate tecntonics, introducing key terms such as "tectonic plates," "convergent boundary," and "divergent.

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  • Worksheets are Evidence of plate movement, Work the movement of tectonic plates, Continental drift and plate tectonics, Activity a plate tectonic puzzle, Example answers, Unit earth and space science plate tectonics, Sixth grade plate tectonics, First grade plate tectonics.
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  • Students examine the north-central part of the Pacific plate and identify volcanoes, lava fields, and ocean trenches.
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    Nov 7, 2018 · Using the online resources at the Earthquakes Living Lab, students examine information and gather evidence supporting the theory.