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Grounding electrode conductor (if sufficiently sized). The grounded conductor(s) shall be installed in accordance with 250.
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  • Feb 1, 2000 · Grounding conductor used to ground equipment: Sec.
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    People often incorrectly refer to these conductors as neutrals, commons, “the white wire,” and a host of other trade slang terms.

  • When discussing current in the grounded conductor that supplies a service, there are two types of currents to consider.
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    Apr 20, 2016 · When you look up Conductors, then Grounded you will find the first reference given is Alternating current systems, 250.

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  • If you use a metal conduit to protect a grounding conductor, you must bond it to the conductor at both ends.
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    grounding; Question: A(n) ___ conductor is the conductor that connects electrical equipment or the grounded circuit of a wiring system to the grounding electrode.

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    Grounding is the electrical system’s connection to the ground itself.

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