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The Orange Farm - Online Game. Buy furniture and fruit trees with gold coins to enrich your orchard and become a young farmer!.
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  • On each level you have to clear away bubbles until you knock the orange free from the stack, then in between rounds you get to purchase orange trees, juice makers, ice cream makers, and sales stands to maximize monetizing your harvest.
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    Play the Best Online Farming Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required.

  • Build and run your own orange farm, pop bubbles to harvest more orange trees in your farm and sell orange juices, build area, farm and plant orange trees.
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    However, given that you play as a harvest goddess named Sakuna, it makes sense that farming would be a big part of the story too.

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  • You are the owner of a farm and your task is to develop your orchard by completing the game of.
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    Navigate to “BUILD”, then “All” and get an orange tree.

  • Just play the online version in a browser directly or look at the walkthroughs of how to play.
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